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Airborne commemoration Ginkel Heath

During operation Market Garden, the Ginkelse Heide or Ginkel Heath near Ede was designated DZ (drop zone) Y. On 18 September 1944 about 2000 paratroopers of the 4th Parachute Brigade (1st British Airborne Division) landed on the heath. The Ginkel Heath is now the place where the yearly airborne commemorations are held. Part of the commemoration was the wreath-laying by several dignitaries, among whom were Princess Beatrix and Prince Charles, as well as veterans.

As always, this year’s commemoration on Saturday 21 September was accompanied by a true spectacle in the sky. Parachute Group Holland landed from a historical Dakota.

A mass airdrop was shown with no less than seven C-130 Hercules and one C-160 Transall transport aircraft from which participants of the international paratrooper exercise Falcon Leap parachuted onto the Ginkel Heath ​[1]​.

Following the airdrop was a helicopter display, showing a Cougar dropping off some soldiers as well as two Chinooks airlifting jeeps. All this was overseen by an Apache attack helicopter.

The British army parachute display team “Red Devils” made a spectacular high-altitude freefall landing on a tiny drop zone marked by smoke. One of the members jumped together with a World War 2 veteran who made his first visit to the Netherlands since 1944.

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