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  • A Panther at Putlos

    A Panther at Putlos

    Last month, these photos of a Panther Ausf. D showed up on Ebay. According to the seller, the photos were taken in October 1943 at the Schießschule (shooting school) Putlos. They show a very clean example of an early production Panther, and are of particular interest because the chassis number is included, making it possible…

  • An Expensive Hobby: Tiger Maintenance Manuals

    An Expensive Hobby: Tiger Maintenance Manuals

    Recently, two manuals for the Tiger I and II turned up at an auction. I have never had much interest in auctions, but this time a special item caught my interest. It was said a copy of D 656/41 dated 2 September 1944 for the Tiger II was up for auction. To my knowledge, such…

  • Luftfaust B Blueprint

    Luftfaust B Blueprint

    Chefsache! When browsing the archives, you will certainly stumble upon one or more documents prominently featuring this stamp. Besides the ever present “Nur für Dienstgebrauch” (n.f.D.) or “Geheime Kommandosache” (gKdos.), Chefsache was one of the military confidentiality levels used within the Wehrmacht. Material marked with “Chefsache” was of the highest importance and classified top secret,…