Cold War


Telling apart the 810s from the 251s

Looks can be deceiving and perhaps all the more in the case of this half-track. You’d be forgiven for thinking this is a German-built SdKfz 251, but in reality we are looking at a post-war Czechoslovak half-track. In this article I will lay out the history of both vehicles and introduce you to some of the telltale signs which will help you tell these two apart in the future!

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canada 2

Leopard 2 prototypes on tape

In this interesting video from the German Bundeswehr Classix series, the “new” Leopard 2 Kampfpanzer is introduced. The video begins by showcasing the Leopard 2 Austere Version (AV) and in particular the combination PT 20 / T 21. It is very likely that this video was created when Leopard 2 series production had just commenced as only prototypes are shown. In 1979, T 21 was mounted on a pre-production Leopard 2 series chassis as part of troop trials in Munster and Aachen ​[1]​. PT 20 was furnished with a turret weight simulator. T 21 currently resides at the Henning-von-Treschkow barracks.

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