Leopard 2 prototypes on tape

In this interesting video from the German Bundeswehr Classix series, the “new” Leopard 2 Kampfpanzer is introduced. The fact that only the Leopard Austere Version (AV) is shown and comments of the narrator leads me to believe that series production had only just began at the time this video was made and non of the series production Leopard 2’s were finished yet. Among others some clips are shown taken during the evaluation of the Leopard 2 prototypes (starting at 1:23 in the video).  The narrator tells us that: “The 18 prototypes were evaluated under the most challenging circumstances. They drove some 95,000 km and fired 11,000 shots. They defied the Canadian winter and resisted the ferocious heat of the Arizona desert.”

There’s not much to tell about the prototypes shown in the video other than that the first vehicle has the 105 mm gun and the last two the 120 mm gun.

A second video shows mostly the same footage (albeit in worse quality), but adds a shot of prototype no. 14 dismounting a flatbed rail car in a peculiar way (starting at 2:40). The turret mounted is no. 13. This combination is known to have been evaluated by the Bundeswehr at the Lüneburger heath near Munster. Note that there is a second Leopard prototype on the rail cars.