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Leopard 2A4NL

Today we’ll have a look of one of only two Leopard 2A4NL tanks the Dutch army still owns. This specimen was captured on film back in 2012 at the Caveleriemuseum Amersfoort located in the Bernhartkazerne. This is one of the 180 Leoaprd 2A4NL tanks that were not upgraded to the 2A5NL standard. It is interesting that the army chose to keep this vehicle instead of selling it to another nation (which happened to most other vehicles not upgraded). This particular vehicle was also present at the official command hand-over of the ‘Prins van Oranje’ tankbattlion.

The tank is part of the running collection of the museum and is used during special museum events. While it has been out of the running for several years because of break failure, it was present again at the museum’s vriendendag back in 2014. This tank was present at the 2016 edition of Tankfest at the Bovington Tankmuseum.

A peculiarity that directly distinguishes this vehicle as being a A4NL are the smoke-grade dischargers on the turret sides. Note the snow grousers on the hull front. The rubber pads on the tracks can be swapped for snow grousers to gain extra traction.

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