Sekundärlafette für Turm KPZ Leopard 2 (PT)

In a recent post I showed you a Leopard 2 prototype and explained how the turret of this tank was a very special one since it could mount an overhead weapon system. In the summer of 2012 I visited the Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung in Koblenz, Germany on display there is the very weapon system that would have been mounted onto the special prototype turret. The system on display had been mounted onto prototype turret no. 11. Of the two constructed turret that could mount this overhead canon, no. 11 was the only one that was ever fitted with the actual canon.

Turret no. 11 with the overhead weapon system mounted, the hull number remains unknown | Source: internet

The canon mounted in the system has been manufactured by Rheinmetall and is featured on various armoured vehicles of German origin such as the Marder and Luchs. The canon fires 20 mm rounds and is also available in an anti-air variant.

Turret 11 is known to be stored in the depot of the Deutches Panzermuseum Munster. The picture below shows the turret together with another prototype (pt-14 and t-13) which was tested at the Truppenübungsplatz (training area) Munster. The bulky fume extractor on the barrel is typical for the 120 mm gun.

Source: Katzennase © 2013. Turret 11 is highlighted.