Buffel & Kodiak – Leopard 2 Variants

On the motorway, I was pleasantly surprised by a convoy of Boxer AFVs. I could not have imagined that an even bigger surprise was waiting for me at the next lay-by. By chance, two low loaders of the Dutch army carrying specialized Leopard 2 variants were parked here. In this short post, we take a quick look at these vehicles – which were on their way back from deployment in Lithuania as part of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) mission.

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Leopard 2 prototypes on tape

In this interesting video from the German Bundeswehr Classix series, the “new” Leopard 2 Kampfpanzer is introduced. The video begins by showcasing the Leopard 2 Austere Version (AV) and in particular the combination PT 20 / T 21. It is very likely that this video was created when Leopard 2 series production had just commenced as only prototypes are shown. In 1979, T 21 was mounted on a pre-production Leopard 2 series chassis as part of troop trials in Munster and Aachen ​[1]​. PT 20 was furnished with a turret weight simulator. T 21 currently resides at the Henning-von-Treschkow barracks.

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