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As a continuation of the KV series, the Soviets began production of the IS series of tanks in 1943 named after Josef Stalin – actually written Иосиф Сталин (Iosif Stalin) in Russian hence the abbreviation. The first model, the IS-1, was based on a further development of the KV, the KV-85. Early models featured the exact same gun as the

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Panther Ausf. G – Overloon

The Panther Ausführung G was the last version of the Panther to be mass produced. It featured a number of improvement over the earlier A model. Characteristic for this model are the lack of a driver’s hatch in the glacis plate as well as the simplified (one piece) side armour plates. The vehicle at the Oorlogsmuseum Overloon carries Fahrgestell Nummer 128427 which identifies this

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