[Resource] D 655/27 Die Pantherfibel

Apart from the infamous Tigerfibel (D 656/27) for the Tiger, there was an equally richly illustrated for its younger cousin the Panther, called the Pantherfibel. These richly illustrated manuals taught the Panther-crews everything they should know about their respective tasks and their vehicle. Although parts of the Tigerfibel were in rhyme, especially the motto sections, the rhyme in the Pantherfibel continues throughout the text and is actually quite fun to read.

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Hillersleben Hill Climbing Competition

Rüstungstagung in Hillersleben

In this article I’d like to discuss a relatively unknown armaments conference, held at the Hillersleben artillery range on June 6 and 7, 1943. This Rüstungstagung was presided by Reichsminister Albert Speer and attended by leaders from the armaments industry, high-ranking Nazi officials as well as senior officers. Unlike during the regular Vorführungen neuer Waffen, Hitler was not present. The programme consisted of meetings and demonstrations of the latest and greatest German as well as captured equipment.

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Panther KT and JT before Kranhalle scaled

Haustenbeck’s Heritage: Taking Inventory

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Haustenbeck's Heritage

In this part of the “Haustenbeck’s Heritage” series we will take a look at the vehicles that were present after the war on Henschel’s proving ground at Haustenbeck. For an introduction to this facility, also known as Panzerversuchsstation 96, read my previous article that appeared in this series.

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[Book] Panther – External appearance & design changes

In Panther, Martin Block and the late Roddy MacDougall combine a multitude of sources to present a single volume containing all contemporary knowledge about the Panther, its external appearance and design changes. It is not out of place in the list of standard works on the Panther like the Panzertracts 5-x series and Germany’s Panther Tanks by Tom Jentz and Hilary Doyle as well as Walter Spielberger’s Panzer V Panther und seine Abarten and Frank Köhler’s Panther – meilenstein der Panzertechnik . This book is truly a must have ‘overview volume’ for real Panther tank fans.

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