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The Loss of a TOS

After the start of the unjust invasion of Ukraine last Thursday, we have already seen large numbers of Russian armoured vehicles pouring into the country. Alarm was raised again last Saturday when a CNN crew captured the transport of a TOS-1A flamethrower south of Belgorod en route to Ukraine. This Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) is based on the T-72/T-90 platform and packs 24 thermobaric projectiles. These infamous projectiles, with a range of about 6 km, can literally set the sky ablaze. All the better, one TOS-1A was found abandoned in a Ukrainian field today. It is not clear whether this was the same vehicle seen days earlier, but both have the same ‘Z in a square’-style marking on their side.

Saturday February 26, 2022
Tuesday March 1, 2022

Today news got out that a TOS was captured, seemingly still serviceable. Apparently, the vehicle got stuck in the thick mud, judging by the half-hearted attempt to try and unditch the vehicle using a wooden beam. The location of its capture is still unknown. It still has all its missiles, but sources claim that all fuses have been removed before it was left behind.

More TOS flamethrowers are currently deployed on Ukrainian soil. Another such vehicle was spotted already on the first day of the invasion, last Thursday, marked ‘O’ on the Belorussian axis (left). Another system marked Z was reportedly seen in Tokmak (right).

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